ZELLAO, nickname of José Luiz Goncalves, is a photographer born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His photography is focused on Portraits, Sensual Essays and Travel Photography. His passion for photography comes from adolescence and his fascination with the great masters of the art such as Cartier-Bresson, Helmut Newton, Herb Ritts, among many others have aroused his interest at an early age. The possibility of recording human expression (recorded in negatives and nowadays in bits and bytes digitally) and freezing that instant of an individual's history for eternity, combined with an aesthetic sense is something unique. The beauty of the human figure, especially the feminine, is the focal point of his work. He is currently based in Miami, USA. His work can be seen at

“Why do I Photograph Beauty?

I photograph BEAUTY not only for the aesthetics of it, but because the World deserves to be represented and presented in this way. Nature is tremendously beautiful and we are part of it as animals who inhabit earth. Despite of many atrocities, famine, wars, massacres, genocides, conflicts and heinous crimes perpetrated by us, the so called Humankind, we deserve to see the beautiful things we have and who we are in this planet. And to be able to overcome many of the obstacles and the harsh life imposed to billions of people in the planet, nothing better to experience and live Art in all its forms such as music, paintings, sculptures, architecture, literature, movies and photography, for example.

An emotion translated into a Photo can bring joy into our lives. That’s the sake of my Art.”

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